Four theatre evenings in Redside Zone Kolejní Square will offer four shows, including Simona Babčáková’s improvised theatre company or the Kampa Theatre’s play about Edith Piaf. Buy discounted tickets via My LFŠ or in our Festival Centre, full-price tickets for public are available at the town’s information centre in Masaryk Square, at the SFS Shop outside the Hvězda cinema, or at the gate. Please see the conditions for buying a discounted ticket here.

All theatre shows are performed in Czech.

NaHraně Theatre: Brutality

Friday, August 7 / 8:30 pm / Redside zóna Kolejní nádvoří
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
Davey. Alan. Paul. They live. They dream. They die. Three men and a computer game that turns their lives upside down. A stirring performance about an unfulfilled father-son relationship, power of imagination and dark souls. How much tenderness and alienation is hidden in our personal virtual reality?

30 Days

Saturday, August 8 / 4:00 pm / Smetana’s Park
What obstacles do foreigners encounter when applying for Czech visas? How big is the pile of papers they need to send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? And how do they react to the fact of not being eligible to meet the legitimate authority in person? 30 Days is an experimental game that simulates the process of applying for a visa. Experiencing authentic stories of real applicants, players go through every stage of the process. A piece of paper as a symbol of bureaucracy and an extension of state authority.
An open discussion with the authors and migration policy experts will take place after the performance.

CreWcollective: Moving Orchestra

Sunday, August 9 / 2:00 pm / Smetana’s Park
A performance that brings dance and music to a broad variety of utilized or abandoned places, both outdoor and indoor, industrial, historical, architecturally significant or the long forgotten ones. This time, we will dance through the Smetana’s Park and end the tour at the vernissage of the Karel Cudlín: Israel exhibition at the Museum of Moravian Slovakia.
We will meet outside the main entrance to the Hvězda cinema

Sweet Dreams Theatre: Eliminator

Sunday, August 9 / 6:00 pm / Redside zóna Kolejní nádvoří
100 CZK / 50 CZK (holders of festival passes)
How does a young boy become a man? What needs to be expelled? Dreams, or the reality? Drawing on previous improvisations on lucid dreaming, Eliminator oscillates between stand-up and monodrama.

Simona Babčáková et al.: SO WHAT?!

Sunday, August 9 / 8:30 pm / Redside zóna Kolejní nádvoří
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
SO WHAT! is an improvised theatre company, known to us from the previous years. It first saw the light of day during an experiment in Simona Babčáková’s Laboratory. Their improv shows are created at present time in front of an audience.

Kampa Theatre: Edith Piaf: I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone Tonight

Tuesday, August 11 / 7:00 pm / Redside zóna Kolejní nádvoří
200 CZK / 100 CZK (holders of festival passes)
All her songs were telling a story of painful experiences and emotions. Why did she sing the way she did? And why was her life full of contradiction? She shined brighter than the sun, yet was spiralling down a path of self-destruction. Would she become such a brilliant singer, if weren’t for her falls?